The million-watt lights from the stadium has The Weeknd still buzzing from his Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday. He expressed gratitude on his social media accounts toward Pepsi and the NFL for selecting him as this year’s headliner. He said he couldn’t stop smiling the whole performance. Of all the memorable moments that took place during his 14-minute dazzing display, Twitter users kept retracing his steps in the brightly lit backstage area where his close-camera work became the focus of memes.

But The Weeknd has got a very good reason to keep smiling. His music sales increased 385% in the US since his halftime show. On the day of the big game, his entire catalog sold 36,500 copies. Breaking that down, he sold 32,500 songs and 4,000 albums. What does that mean? More MONAY for him of course! This is a good example of why the Super Bowl doesn’t pay their halftime performer.

Selena Gomez has revealed her forthcoming Spanish album was recorded almost entirely over Zoom due to the pandemic. In a behind the scenes video, Gomez shared info on the making of her music video De Una Vez while also revealing the recording process for her first-ever Spanish album, titled Revelacion due March 12. So as for the process, they actually recorded almost the entire EP on Zoom due to covid which is pretty crazy when you think about it.

Between the pandemic, a newborn little girl at home and American Idol about to crank up again, Katy Perry doesn’t get out much lately. But she put on her best dress and hit the stage with Jimmy Kimmel earlier this week. Perry said motherhood is the best decision she’s ever made and daughter Daisy is doing great. During the interview she also gave props to The Weeknd on his Super Bowl halftime performance.