Justin Bieber will celebrate Valentine’s Day on Sunday with a special first-ever performance of his 2013 fan-favorite album Journals via TikTok. The compilation will be performed in the Live From the Drew House igg on Bieber’s TikTok profile page. Bieber will perform the songs for the first ever long-form concert on TikTok at 9PM, with a re-airing on Monday at 10PM. Bieber said he’s excited to bring this show life. Journals is one of his favorite projects and he’s never performed it live so fans are in for a special treat!

(16) Justin Bieber on Twitter: “Excited for this one. Don’t miss it. Journals live from the @drewhouse on tiktok https://t.co/2ph4XzQDgX” / Twitter

Entertainment company Yoop has announced a partnership with Microsoft Theater to launch the first-ever Yoop eSpace in LA. The Yoop eSpace will host high-quality produced events from the venue that allow artists and creators to reach fans worldwide with a live immersive and interactive eConcert experience. Coming up on March 31 on the linup is Charlie Puth who said he’s very excited to perform live for fans in this experience. The Yoop eSpace promises a live zero-lag, two-way visual and audio communication experience and a virtual audience that delivers the crowd energy of a live event as part of the eConcert experience.

Are we off to see the wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz—again? New Line Cinema is making a new adaptation of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Baum’s novel has spawned many adaptations over the years most famously of course the 1939 MGM musical starring Judy Garland. This version will not be a musical. New Line said it will be a fresh take and a reimaging of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. It will have some advantages too since Warner Bros. owns New Line and the 1939 film. That means it can use some trademarked elements like the ruby slippers.

Ten years ago, the world met than 13 year old Rebecca Black. They watched as she woke up at 7AM, had some cereal, waited for a bus and more. Now, Black is ready to revisit her debut hit Friday and remake it into a modern pop anthem. She dropped the Friday remix, a glitched-out, star-studded revision to her hit. It now features vocals from 3OH!3, Big Freedia and Dorian Electra, the new song morphs the original’s simple pop aesthetic into a hyperpop overload. The official video is out too and it is a trip!