During the pandemic, a German-born 18-year-old named An used his time in lockdown to create a social media platform called SpaceHey — which he built to resemble Myspace. Since launching on November 29th of 2020, the retro platform has already signed-up over 72,000 global users. “I never came to use Myspace,” An explains. “I was only a few years old when Myspace was popular.” (Wow, way to make us feel old.. lol)

He was inspired by its reputation as a less toxic space than the current social media environment, so he found archived webpages and coded a combination tribute and re-creation of the former leading social network. The result is complete with customizable profiles, bulletins, and the ability to IM — all in a layout that mimics the classic Myspace. The website does not currently have an app or plans for one, yet users are flocking to SpaceHey, not for cutting-edge innovation, but for the nostalgia it offers.