It’s Girl Scout cookie season and this year, there’s a new way to enjoy your favorite flavors, and the best part? No calories are involved. No, we’re not talking about some diet version of the tasty treats. K-Swiss and Girl Scouts USA are teaming up for a new Girl Scout cookie shoe collection – the Girl Scout x K-Swiss Court 66.

The line includes three different sneakers inspired by the iconic cookies:

  • The Trefoil – This shoe is made of a light-tan soft suede material with a blue lining and is embossed with the cookie’s signature design on the side.
  • The Coconut Caramel – This one’s based on the cookie that’s also known as a Samoa in some places, Caramel deLites in others. The shoes are a burnt-orange color with stripes on the side to mimic the cookie’s stripes and magenta laces to match the cookie’s box.
  • And finally, the Thin Mints – The sneaker inspired by this fan-favorite flavor comes in a delicate mint green-colored suede material and the lining is studded with a brown polka dot design.

The Girl Scout x K-Swiss Court 66 line comes in both women’s and kids’ sizes and each pair comes in a special cookie-inspired shoebox with silver foil paper. The limited-edition collection will be available on March 4th online at K-Swiss, Foot Locker, and the Girl Scouts websites.