Congratulations are in order for Ellie Goulding and her husband, Caspar Jopling who are expecting their first child! Ellie is 30 weeks pregnant and she announced the happy news yesterday. She told Vogue UK that she found out she was pregnant around the last time she performed last August for a livestream concert. Goulding’s upcoming project, her wellness book Fitter. Calmer. Strong. that she’ll be releasing in September focuses on exercise and bodily movement improving the quality of one’s life. But her first trimester had some other plans for that wellness. Her cravings hit and McDonald’s is all she wanted. And yeah a baby is on the way but that doesn’t mean Ellie doesn’t wanna perform either. She said she’s been in the studio and can’t wait to get back out on tour.

(20) Ellie Goulding on Twitter: “I’ve received so many kind messages of love and well wishes today, thank you and thank you @voguemagazine” / Twitter

Katy Perry used to wish for twins before having daughter Daisy. She welcome Daisy Dove Bloom into the world back in August and got back to work just weeks later filming American Idol. Teenage siblings were on the latest episode of the show where Perry revealed she used to really want twins, then she had Daisy and thinks yep that’s crazy. However, Katy also said becoming a mom is the best job in the world and she highly recommends it when you’re ready.

(20) KATY PERRY on Twitter: “Turns out…being a mom doesn’t make @lukebryanonline’s dad jokes any better 🥴 HALP ME #AmericanIdol” / Twitter

Demi Lovato paid a visit to the Ellen Show on Monday, appearing in studio to chat about her new hairdo, performing at the inauguration and the painful truths she shared in her upcoming YouTube docuseries Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil. Lovato talks about a lot in the show but mostly though she said she wanted to set the record straight about what went down during the period of her overdose and recovery.

John Mayer may be looking to settle down. Mayer got candid with his close friend Andy Cohen about his future as a family man. When asked what’s left on his bucket list, Mayer said there’s one thing left and that’s wife and kids. That would complete all of it. John said he’s been thinking about it quite a bit of late as both his brothers are married and have children and it’s not the first time Mayer has spoken about his interest in settling down. So sounds like he’s feeling ready to leave his bachelor life behind and take care of someone else. In the meantime, he’s a great uncle!