If you love Starbucks and Oatly oat milk, today is your lucky day. That’s because Starbucks’ new, Spring menu is out today…and you guessed it: Oatly is now on the menu as a milk replacement for anything you want! As for the Spring menu, it includes:

  • Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso – A combination of blonde espresso, brown sugar and cinnamon, and topped off with oatmilk.
  • There’s the new Iced Chocolate Shaken Espresso – A blonde espresso with cocoa and a hint of malt with and ice. While almond milk is suggested, it can also be made with oatmilk.
  • On the food side, there’s also have added Chickpea Bites and an Avocado Protein Box.

Not sure what oatmilk is (considering that oats don’t make milk)? Oat milk is really just oats soaked in water then strained through a cheesecloth with some added enzymes. Now you know!

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