It’s hard to believe I’m the person you think I am, that’s what Justin Bieber sings in the opening minutes of his new album Justice. He may as well be speaking to the world at large. The Biebs has shape-shifted so many times in the spotlight from baby-face teen heartthrob to TMZ-plastered problem child to redeemed stadium headliner to reflective new husband, that it’s natural for Bieber to believe that his millions of onlookers still need to understand his evolution. Last year, he documented his newfound inner peace in Changes. Justice is the sound of his inner peace gaining depth and detail. The new album is out now.

Meanwhile in her new April 2021 Elle cover story, Hailey Bieber broke down her very difficult firs year of marriage to Bieber. The two have been involved in each other’s lives for more than 10 years now. Yes, they married young. However, Hailey said they’ve been seen a lot for their age. They have both lived enough life to know that’s what they wanted. But being Justin Bieber’s wife comes with its own territory including social media harassment. She said in the beginning of the marriage she just wanted to hide. Then COVID was the blessing in disguise for them. Justin and Hailey got so much solid alone time it was a long, extended vacation. Good bye Hollywood pressure and hello faithful foundation to marriage.

The Niall Horan fanbase just got a superstar member who was also a former One Direction member: Zayn. He let his lips loose on an interview last week and revealed Horan was his favorite out of all his former 1D bandmates. He said he makes the best music. Yeah, he makes better music than me. I’m a Niall fan. But he is not a fan of the Recording Academy. He elaborated about those tweets bashing the Grammys saying I believe there’s a way about music that is made and doesn’t even get an acknowledgement for certain reasons, political reasons, hand-shaking reasons, private performance reasons. He went on to say if ever nominated in the future, he would not go to the awards show.

And meanwhile in Grammys aftermath, Taylor Swift said it was the best Friday ever after she received a congratulatory bouquet of flowers from Beyonce after her Grammy win. The note from Queen Bey read congratulations on your Grammy. It was great seeing you on Sunday night. Thank you for always being so supportive. Sending love to you and your family. Both women had a pretty fantastic night. They each made Grammys history.

Taylor Swift News 💛 on Twitter: “📲 IG | “Woke up to flowers from the queen of grace and greatness Beyoncé and suddenly it’s the best Friday EVER” – Taylor via Instagram Stories” / Twitter