Joe Jonas recently got his second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and he filmed it for the world to see. Doing his part of persuade people to get vaccinated and help put an end to the pandemic, Jonas joined NBC’s Roll Up Your Sleeves TV special, hosted by Ciara and Russell Wilson. Joe admitted he’s not good with needles. So to keep him distracted, he kept positive things on his mind saying I’m thinking about concerts and a yacht in Italy, Disney World, protecting my friends and family.

(17) J O E J O N A S on Twitter: “We’re in this together 💪🏼 Took this video a couple weeks ago while getting my second shot for the #RollUpYourSleeves Vaccine Special! Tune-in to watch TONIGHT 7/6c on @NBC. #PlanYourVaccine” / Twitter

Just don’t do it! Lizzo had a funny word of warning for her followers of TikTok on Saturday after apparently sliding into Chris Evans’ direct messages. Don’t drink and DM kids. Lizzo said the reason I’m upset about this one is because I know I’m not going to be able to marry him. And honestly it hurts me to the core, because he a rare breed! No comparing! She DMed Chris Evans a series of emojis, shooting her shot. This isn’t the first time Lizzo has shared her appreciation for Evans. Back in 2019, she asked him to marry her via Twitter.

(17) Chris Evans on Twitter: “This kid is cooler than I could ever hope to be.” / Twitter

Miley Cyrus is her own best subject in a playful, self-directed short film for Gucci’s new collection. She chills in the grass, tosses confetti and frolics among oversized mushrooms in the 45-second mini-movie. You can also see her hanging with her dog while decked out in some fabulous looks. Gucci announced their newest collection last Thursday. The brand is turning 100 this year and to celebrate, they’re spotlighting a line of handbags with a star-studded campaign throughout the year featuring Harry Styles, James Corden, Dakota Johnson and more.

(17) Miley Ray Cyrus on Twitter: “A short film directed by muahhhhh for #GucciAria @gucci 🍄 💕🦄🌈💋” / Twitter

Speaking of Harry Styles, look at these photos of him dressed as Ariel from The Little Mermaid – aren’t they neat? A tidal wave of previously-unreleased pics from Style’s 2019 promo shoot for Saturday Night Live have resurfaced and it’s safe to say his fans have gone bonkers. Behold, Styles in the full Ariel getup from the tip of his red-wigged head to that glorious, shimmering green tail. Shellfishly, we wish we could have these photos of Hazza all to ourselves but here they are for the world to see. Love at this trove and sea some of the best fans’ reactions and memes below.

(17) Alex ༄ ⋆.•. on Twitter: “Sources say that Harry Styles will be playing the role of Ariel in the upcoming Disney movie “The little Mermaid”” / Twitter

(17) mar on Twitter: “harry styles said i can do both” / Twitter

(17) carly☀️| dj era on Twitter: “ariel and prince eric are the best disney couple” / Twitter

(17) adˀᵎ on Twitter: “disney: “harry want to be prince eric?” harry: “I’m the main character”” / Twitter