Save your tears for the day Ariana Grande and The Weeknd confirme they’re cooking up another collab, which might be closer than you think. Both singers teased an eight-second snippet to Twitter yesterday from his After Hours cut Save Your Tears. Sounding like we’ve got a remix of our hands. Just no word yet on when that remix could drop. Give the snippet a listen:

(18) The Weeknd on Twitter: “📶🤍 @ArianaGrande” / Twitter

And the love story continues. Lizzo was feeling bold as hell to shoot her shot by sliding into Chris Evan’s DMs while drunk and Captain America is here to save her from being left on read. She posted another clip this time revealed Evans not only followed her on Instagram but also responded to her. No shame in a drunk DM with a kissy face emoji. God knows I’ve done worse on this app he revealed. Sooo they gonna meet up now or what cuz this is just meant to be.

(18) Chris Evans on Twitter: “This kid is cooler than I could ever hope to be.” / Twitter

BTS, Billie Eilish, Cardi B, and John Mayer are among the nominees for the 25th annual Webby Awards. The Webbys honor excellence on the Internet, including websites, video, advertising, apps, podcasts, games and more. Other music and entertainment stars who were nominated include Megan Thee Stallion, Dua Lipa, Bon Jovi, Will Smith, Oprah, Jimmy Fallon and more. Winners will be announced at a virtual show on May 18. For a complete list of nominees and to vote for the People’s Voice Awards, visit Voting  is open now and continues until May 6 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

Pete Wentz reflected on the moment he kissed a pre-fame Kim Kardashian on the set of Fall Out Boy’s 2007 video for their song Thnks Fr Th Mmrs. Wentz looked back at the time when his band was briefly more famous than the billionaire reality show star. Pete said it’s pretty funny when you look back at moments like these. Interesting times indeed. By the way, Wentz also noted the band’s rep at the time warned them that their famously long song titles would hurt their chances of radio time, so they decided to sneakily remove all the vowels. The band has scored a string of hits in the decade-plus since, so guess who won that battle?