Christina Aguilera is hard at work on not one but two albums, including her overdue Spanish-language EP. She’s recording an English LP and a Spanish set, just her second after 2000’s My Reflection hit the charts. Christina said she’s months away from anything being announced but just letting you know she’s got both those projects in the works. Aguilera calls herself a perfectionist and wants to give this her best especially after the soul-searching she’s done over the past year. She says she’s reinspired and fallen in love with music all over again. So we cannot wait to hear what she comes up with.

Christina Aguilera on Instagram: “Accepting yourself is what beauty is really about 🤍 @healthmagazine Photographer: @colienarentmeester Editor in…”

If you’re Louis Tomlinson and your old bandmate won’t answer the phone when you call, you can just sic your 35 million-plus Twitter followers on him. That’s what he did to Liam Payne tweeting I see you on Instagram lad answer your phone!!! Payne was busy over on IG stories showing off his new haircut along with a really impressive watercolor painting of the late Prince Phillip. Meanwhile the Directioners got to work, reaching out to Liam and getting top Twitter trends. Just an hour later, Tomlinson revealed the game of phone tag was resolved. Fans came up with some memes about this whole exchange.

(20) Louis Tomlinson on Twitter: “I see you on Instagram lad @LiamPayne , answer your phone!!!!!” / Twitter

(20) GOLDENLOUIS on Twitter: “when your fav show gets a season two! LILO ANSWER YOUR PHONE OMG LOUIS” / Twitter

(20) tá off on Twitter: “answer your phone!!!!! Calm down, I’m drawing” / Twitter

(20) ً avi (buzzcut zayn’s gf) 🐇 on Twitter: “louis liam post a selfie 🤝 answer your phone” / Twitter

Ariana Grande just notched her fifth entry in the One Billion Views Club, as her 2018 music video for No Tears Left to Cry crosses the mark. The song now joins her videos for Break Free, Bang Bang, Side to Side and Problem. According to YouTube, Grande has also amassed over 5.7 billion views across the platform over the last 12 months, and with 47.7 million subscribers, she’s one of the top five most-subscribed-to artists on the platform. In other words, girl is killing it!

Ingrid Michaelson and Zayn dropped a surprise duet, To Begin Again. The pair sing about a reboot following a near-apocalypse, which creepily sounds all too relatable. Just last week, they released the music video for the collab. Ingrid said she wanted to create a love letter to her city. To celebrate the hope that is slowly coming back to the people of New York and to remind people all over the world that we are strong when we work and rejoice together. This song brings the promise of rebirth after a harsh year.