Joe Jonas can be your right-hand man and go-to travel companion for your next trip if you’re feeling hesitant to hop on a plane again. He partnered weith Expedia to boost American travelers’ confidence in flying again after the travel site’s revealed 80% of American adults feel stressed at the thought of booking international trips and 60% state they need a helping hand when booking travel compared to pre-COVID. So Jonas is offering that Helping Hand to 250 lucky people who will be gifted with 3d limited edition autographed replicas of his right hand that symbolize support for anyone traveling for the first time since the pandemic hit. No stranger to traveling himself cuz of his career, Jonas said he’s ready to get back on the road and tour again with his brothers and he’s there for you too.

Demi Lovato has gotten her COVID-19 vaccine and she told fans she would rather risk the potential side effects than risk lives by catching or spreading the deadly coronavirus. Lovato showed off her bandaged arm online and said it’s normal to be cautious when something new comes along. Wanting to know more is a good thing, it means you want to be informed. She directed fans to some CDC and Global Citizen sites for answers.

(20) Demi Lovato on Twitter: “Getting the vaccine came down to one thought process for me, I simply would rather risk potential side effects of a vaccine than risk lives by catching or spreading covid. It’s normal to be cautious when something new comes along.” / Twitter

ARMY, are you hungry for more Butter? BTS has been snacking before releasing their latest single Butter in three new concept clips. In the first visual, J-Hope remains mesmerized by a yellow lollipop before dropping it on the floor. In the next video, Jimin twists open an orange soda bottle before taking some sips and getting his groove on. V is featured in the last one, in which he snacks on some gummies and tries throwing them in the air and catching them in his mouth before casually spilling the entire box. Butter isn’t here until May 21 so I’m sure we’ll get some more sneak peeks along the way.

(20) BIGHIT MUSIC on Twitter: “#BTS #방탄소년단 #BTS_Butter Concept Clip – 제이홉 (j-hope)” / Twitter

(21) BIGHIT MUSIC on Twitter: “#BTS #방탄소년단 #BTS_Butter Concept Clip – 지민 (Jimin)” / Twitter

(21) BIGHIT MUSIC on Twitter: “#BTS #방탄소년단 #BTS_Butter Concept Clip – 뷔 (V)” / Twitter

Pete Davidson has nailed two very good Eminem impressions during the current Saturday Night Live season. Eminem himself even made a cameo. Davidson revealed he actually hopped on the phone with Em to chat about slipping into the rapper’s shoes and described how nervous he was to get the feedback. Pete said it went as good as it could go. I profusely thanked him, said he was the coolest and then hung up as quick as possible before he could said anything dumb. Davidson is hoping for a Telsa this weekend as Elon Musk hosts SNL. Will it happen? We shall see!