BTS is having a smooth start to the week. They earned their 4th No. 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 with Butter. Their latest single becomes the group’s 4th No. 1 in nine months, marking any act’s quickest accumulation of 4 chart-toppers since Justin Timberlake a decade and a half ago and among groups the fastest since the Jackson 5 in 1970. Making history and BTS couldn’t be more excited about it either. They thanked the ARMY and said Butter is just a fun song that they were hoping anyone can enjoy. Well you could say a few folks are liking it.

(19) 방탄소년단 on Twitter: “아아아아악! 감사합니다 아미!” / Twitter

(19) 🌧️⁷ on Twitter: “Get it, let it roll! #Butter1onHot100 #Got_ARMY_Behind_Us” / Twitter

(19) koshy⁷ 🍓🧈 on Twitter: “Am seriously gonna cry right now, cause we really fought fo this one- am so proud of you guys! What Yoongi wants Yoongi gets 😭 #Got_ARMY_Behind_Us” / Twitter

(19) BTS FUNDS BRASIL⁷ on Twitter: “BUTTER EM #1 NO HOT 100 BRASIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL {#Butter1OnHot100 #Got_ARMY_Behind_Us @BTS_twt}” / Twitter

There are lots of ways to support LGBTQ people during Pride Month but Lil Nas X is choosing the most direct route to make sure his queer fans are taken care of. He sent out a string of tweets to celebrate the beginning of Pride Month by jokingly offering his fans a wide variety of different favors. He also told his straight fans there was an easy way for them to support members of the community by tweeting let them know they are loved…give them all of your money. You can check out all his funny tweets:

(19) nope 🏹 on Twitter: “happy pride month. i will be having sex with 100 lucky fans to celebrate.” / Twitter

(19) nope 🏹 on Twitter: “for pride month if you have friends who are part of the lgbtq+ community let them know that they are loved. give them all of your money.” / Twitter

(19) nope 🏹 on Twitter: “i’ve decided to do my part everybody in the lgbtq+ community reply with a 🌈 for $100 🤍” / Twitter

(19) nope 🏹 on Twitter: “happy pride month 🏳️‍🌈🤍” / Twitter

Taylor Swift will be seen back on the big screen appearing in David O Russell’s latest feature film. The movie stars Margot Robbie, Christian Bale with a massive cast that also include Rami Malek, Chris Rock, Mike Myers, Robert De Niro and more. Plot details are being kept under wraps with the movie already completing production in LA. No date yet either but the film marks Swift’s first onscreen role since the movie musical Cats.

Katy Perry happily chatted about her baby’s latest milestones in a recent interview. The working mom is plenty busy with American Idol not to mention planning a Las Vegas residency. Meanwhile just nine months ago she welcomed her first child with Orlando Bloom, named Daisy Dove. Perry said she’s crawling and has one tooth. They grow up so fast!