What’s popping?!?! It’s your boii Chewy coming at you with the FIRST installment of the According to Chewy blogposts here on Pop’s Website! So some background, I like to give you updates on what’s going on in my life or how I view certain situations and make them totally fun! So let’s dive right on to this one!

So about 6 and a half months ago I was trying to find something new to watch on Netflix, Hulu, or one of the other million streaming services! I was going through the titles and I saw a show that I had started when I was graduating high school but for some reason stopped watching, Supernatural. I was a total fan of the show, really loved every single episode but only made it until about season 8. Also at the time they were only on season 10 so for some reason I decided to stop watching the show…It was a big regret at the time but you know what, I’m really happy I did. Why? Well…

In January I said “You know what Chewster, let’s start watching this show over again, start to finish. I’ll try to figure out where I actually stopped watching it and just keep tugging through all 15 seasons with over 20 episodes per season!” Well let me tell you, in the beginning I thought it was a big mistake. Supernatural consumed my entire life. I was working out and watching it on TV. I was in the shower, listening to it. I was cooking, eating, getting dressed, even outside grilling I was watching the show to try to at least get to where I originally left off.

It was around March when I finally was able to get to where I had left off back in 2015. Then that’s where it got a little easier, I was able to watch it at my own pace but I fall right back in love with the TV show. It kept me on my toes, I was always wondering “Well darn what happens next?” and all I wanted to do was watch Supernatural. Although my eagerness to watch got the best of me, because I watched every single episode quickly and last night…last night I watched the last two episodes. I had absolutely 0 idea on how the show would end. I was waiting to see how they were going to wrap up 15 years of TV magic and they did it in such a wonderful way. I won’t give out any spoilers at all, but I will say…I bawled my eyes out at the end.

Supernatural is one of my all time favorite TV shows and I will miss getting up every morning before I work out turning on Netflix and putting it on. I won’t cry because the TV show is over, I’m going to smile because it happened. Now…the real tough part is finding a new show to watch!