You know how they got rid of Victoria’s Secret Angels a while back? Well, they are coming back! Sort of… They’ve now created VS Collective, which is “an ever-growing group of accomplished women who share a common passion to drive positive change.” They’ve got activists, actresses, models, sports players, mental wellness supporters, and more who are a part of this group. It’s kinda cool they’re spotlights all different types of people who do so much for our society, IDK bout you, but I’m down for this switch.

Too Hot to Handle is back on Netflix! The second season isn’t coming out until Wednesday, but that trailer is pppprrrrreeeetttttyyyyy steamy. There’s new people, a new villa, new drama, but the same old Lana. Who knows? Maybe this group will be able to keep their hands off each other…yeah right. I only watched the last season for Chloe since I LOVED her on The Circle, but I have this thing for reality TV, so now I’m hooked.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians is over after 20 seasons, but the reunion episode was last night, and it revealed a lot about certain things on the show. For example, Kim didn’t reveal the exact reason for her split from Kanye, she did say that it basically came down to a “general difference of opinions. At least she confirmed all the dating rumors about her aren’t true, the family wasn’t allowed to discuss Kourtney’s love life on the show. They basically spilled all the tea about their show, so if you like the Kardashians, ya GOTTA watch the reunion episode.

It’s New Music Friday! I told you about Lorde’s latest single Solar Power, yesterday, which is such a summer bop. H.E.R.’s new album Back of My Mind is out, Polo G and Niki Minaj have a new collab, For The Love Of New York, and Tate McRae dropped a collab with Blackbear last week, and just dropped a collab with Kahlid yesterday, it’s called Working, and I have a feeling I’ll listen to it on repeat tonight…