Britney Spears has been through a lot, as you’ve probably seen in her documentary that was released earlier this year. She just recently revealed she’s been fighting her conservatorship maintained by her father, Jamie Spears silently for years. She feels it has too much control over her life. He controls her finances, her friendships, and her personal decisions, down to the color of her cabinets. She also announced that she is unsure if she’ll ever perform again, which I mean, after everything she’s been through, she just needs to do what’ll make her happy.

T-Pain has always been known for the use of autotune, but a singular comment from Usher sent T-Pain into a four-year depression over it. T-Pain recalled when his then friend Usher said “I’m gonna tell you something, man. You kinda effed up music.” Usher was supposed to be his friend, so it’s no surprise this comment really affected T-Pain.

Disney seems to be on a mission to remake every single one of their classic movies, and Snow White is up next on the list! We don’t know too much about the remake, other than the fact that Rachel Zegler is going to be playing the part of Snow White, and it’ll feature original music from Dear Evan Hansen creators Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. Man, I remember that girl from her Tiktok where she was singing Shallow in her school auditorium, and now she’ll be on the big screen. They grow up so fast.

Youtuber Claudia Sulewski booked a starring role in the new movie I Love My Dad. Claudia has been a Youtuber for years, and if ya still can’t remember who she is, she’s dating Finneas (Billie Ellish’s brother). The new movie is about a father who creates a fake profile of a waitress to reconnect with his depressed son. Sounds like something I would watch. Production just wrapped up in time for Father’s Day, so hopefully, we can watch the film soon!