Pete Davidson recently announced that he’s getting rid of all of his tattoos. I don’t know if you’ve seen him lately, but he has a lot of them. Not only is it painful, but it may take him years to get them all off, plus he’s got some questionable designs from when he was younger.

For YEARS, people have thought Zendaya and Tom Holland were dating, and these rumors might be true! These two constantly claim they are just friends, but these new photos from the paparazzi speak for themselves. They were caught kissing inside of Tom’s car.

I’m sure you saw fireworks this past weekend, and New Orleans has Will Smith to thank for their firework show. Smith is filming a movie out there and heard the firework show wasn’t going to happen due to funding. Whelp, he pulled out his checkbook and made it happen. It’s an independence day miracle!

After trying for a few seasons, Bruce Springsteen’s daughter will be a part of the Olympics! Jessica Springsteen will be among four athletes headed to Tokyo on Team USA’s jumping team this summer.