Zac Efron posted a video of him and his brother breaking out their 93-year-old grandpa out a senior living home. Of course, it was dramatized, very Mission Impossible-like, as if they were in their own spy movie. It ended with them all watching the Euro Cup together, and you can watch the wholesome video HERE.

So there’s lotta speculation going on as to whether or not the Weekend and Angelina Jolie are dating. After seeing the evidence, I’m not too sure. They’ve only been spotted at the same restaurant and concert, and they weren’t even together. I guess it’s possible, but only time will tell.

Doja Cat performed an awesome show in Miami over the weekend, but what wasn’t so awesome was the tumble she took onstage. However, it didn’t even phase her, she got right back up and continued dancing. Whoever has that video needs to send it to her, cause she later tweeted that she’d like to see it. 

BTS is still dominating the charts after 7 weeks since their single Butter is staying strong at spot number 1. It’s already been streamed over 10 million times just in the US alone.