Megan Fox revealed why she quit drinking. It turns out, back in 2009 at the Golden Globes she was drunk and regretted some of the things she said. Quote “I think I got in a lot of trouble for whatever I said on the red carpet at this event. I don’t remember why, but I know I did.”

Taylor Swift announced she won’t be submitting Fearless (Taylor’s Version) for consideration at this year’s Grammy and CMA Awards. She said it already won awards at previous Grammy and CMA awards, so she doesn’t need to submit it again.

HBO Max is coming out with another superhero movie, and this time it’s Batgirl! In the Heights star, Leslie Grace is gonna be playing the starring role. We don’t know much about the upcoming film other than that, but I’ve got a feeling it’s gonna be good.

Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya are teaming up for the new Dune movie, and I mean, a movie with those two HAS to be good. The film is based on Frank Herbert’s book Dune. “The novel takes place thousands of years into the future when humans have spread out and populated different planets.” The trailer just dropped, so you can watch it HERE.