Back in April, Selena Gomez said in an interview that she was considering retiring from music after her next album. If you’re a big Selena fan tho, don’t worry, there is some hope. In a recent interview with Elle, she said “I don’t think I’ll ever quit making music”. 

As if Brittney Spears hasn’t been dealing with enough as it is, she is now being investigated for an alleged misdemeanor battery incident. It seems one of Brittney’s employees claims that the star “struck them during a dispute”. The case is currently under review, and there were no injuries reported. 

If you’ve seen Hulu’s thriller “Nine Perfect Strangers”, you’ve seen the beautiful Tranquillum House. Well, that’s an actual place that you can stay at! It’s called Soma, but it’s all the way down in Australia. So if you wanna see it for yourself, you might have to plan a trip. 

Toys R Us is making a return! However, it’s gonna be a bit different. The chain partnered with Macy’s to not only sell toys online but to also open Toys “R” Us shop-in-shops at 400 department stores next year.