Kiss has postponed 4 more of their shows in their upcoming tour. This is due to the fact that Gene Simmons has tested positive for COVID. Luckily, he is “experiencing mild symptoms” and the band and crew “will remain at home and isolate for the next 10 days.” Get well soon!

Speaking of things getting canceled, Bonnaroo is being canceled completely this year. It’s not because of COVID though, heavy rains “waterlogged” the festival grounds, and the campgrounds were flooded.

Britney’s battle is far from over. Her lawyer is now “accusing Jamie Spears of trying to ‘extort’ $2 million in exchange for stepping down from her conservatorship.” He believes he’s trying to use this leverage to pay off his legal fees.

Drake is coming out with his next album, “Certified Lover Boy”, soon! However, his hit Hotline Bling just surpassed 1 billion streams on Spotify. This is a little surprising since the song came out all the way back in 2016.