After all of the rumors, Kylie Jenner has finally confirmed that she is pregnant with her second child with Travis Scott. She shared the news on Tuesday with a sweet video, even showing her breaking the news to her mother. 

Justin Beiber is getting another documentary! Justin Bieber: Our World is going to follow Beiber to the “Beverly Hilton Hotel where he performed his first concert in three years last December 31st”. “This film documents an intense and exciting time, preparing for a return to the stage during this season of real uncertainty,” Bieber said in a statement. “Coming together with my team, overcoming the obstacles, and delivering a special show, surrounded by friends and family; it’s all here.”

Meghan Trainor just announced that she, along with her brother, is releasing a podcast! It’s called Workin’ On It, and it’s gonna cover topics such as becoming a new mom, Hollywood, mental health, and more. Mark your calendars, cause the first episode is dropping on September 15th on major streaming platforms. 

Drake and ESPN are partnering to curate special music for select Monday Night Football games. ESPN says Drake is to pick music that will “encapsulates both the energy and mood” of the games, and it’ll include some of “ Drake’s most recent releases, potentially some classics, as well as new music from other artists.”