Sadly, Dancing With The Stars dancer Cheryl Burke has had to halt her run on the show due to testing positive for COVID. She shared a video apologizing to her partner Cody Rigsby because she now has to quarantine for 10 days.

Angelina Jolie and the Weeknd are sparking more dating rumors! They were seen out at a restaurant this past Saturday. They left the restaurant together, yet they were not holding hands or showing any signs that they were a couple. Only time will tell!

Dolly Parton finally joined TikTok, but her platform was short-lived. The account has now disappeared! It now has a message that says “This account was banned due to multiple community guidelines violations.” However, her only video simply had positive words for her fans.

Machine Gun Kelly keeps finding himself in fights! First, he almost fought Connor McGregor at the VMA awards. Recently, he almost got into a fight with a fan that allegedly pushed him at the Louder Than Life Festival in Louisville.