Adele was very disappointed that women were the ones having the most “brutal conversations” about her weight loss. She lost 100 pounds after exercising over a two year period. While she understood that “visually she represented a lot of women ” but she is still the same person. It also really hurt her feelings that so many women were judging her weight loss, saying things like she is “too skinny” or that she was pressured to lose weight. 

So, even if you didn’t see the movie adaptation of the musical Cats, I’m sure you at least heard that it wasn’t the best. Apparently it was so bad that the composer of the original musical, Andrew Lloyd Webber is now a dog person. He said the film was so bad and “off-the-scale all wrong” that he had to get a therapy dog. 

Lots of celebs have to file restraining orders on people, and Willow Smith revealed that back in 2020, a stalker actually broke into her home. Luckily, she wasn’t present during the break in, but she was granted a restraining order against the stalker back in March.

Not only that, but Arianna Grande won a 5-year restraining order against a man who allegedly flashed a large hunting knife outside her home threatening to kill her. Not only that, but the man was arrested near her home last month on suspicion of making criminal threats.