Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, has agreed to end the conservatorship once and for all. In some recent paperwork, his lawyers stated: “This conservatorship should end. Now. There is no reason for another second of delay.” He added that he is not seeking any further compensation for his role as conservator and that he is willing to turn over his files on the conservatorship in order to officially bring things to an end. 

Harry Styles is not only a great musician, but a love guru now? At his concert on Halloween, a couple was holding a sign that said “I came with my ex for you.” The couple said that they had broken up two weeks ago after seven months of dating.  Styles continued to chat with the exes, finally saying, “Let’s reminisce on a night seven months and two weeks ago when you two looked at each other, deep in the eyes, and thought, ‘Yeah, you’ll do.’” Later on during the concert, the couple ended up kissing in the crowd.

Good news! Ed Sheeran announced yesterday that he is all clear and done with his quarantine. That means you’ll be able to see him during his performance on SNL Saturday.

Mariah Carey is already ready for Christmas! She already teased a new holiday single with Khalid and Kirk Franklin called “Fall In Love at Christmas”. It’s set to drop this Friday, November 5th.