Jay-Z had an Instagram account…for a mere one day. He created an account the other day, only following his wife, Beyoncé, while gaining over a million followers. He ended up deleting the account, with his profile no longer visible. 

If you want a vinyl copy of Adele’s upcoming album, just know, they’ve made more than 500,000 copies. The massive demand for this album is so big it’s causing other vinyl titles to be delayed across the music industry. 

While Carole Baskin filed a lawsuit against Netflix for including her in the second season of Tiger King. Don’t worry though, the season will run because a judge denied the request. So, the next season will run as planned on November 17th. 

Kristen Stewart announced earlier this week that she’s engaged and joked that she wanted Guy Fieri to officiate. Turns out, he’s totally on board! He sent her a video message saying he’s “all in.”