Hey there! I’m back with another blog post, and it’s dedicated to one of my favorite bands as a kid: Big Time Rush. I barely watch TV, but I used to be obsessed with this show as a kid. I’m not ashamed to admit I rewatched it during quarantine. I even got to see them live at the Clearfield County Fair around when I was in 5th grade. One of my best (and only) ice breaker stories is that the band actually drove by me in a golf cart, and Kendall waved hello to me. Little me was so starstruck I didn’t even realize who it was at first. Those were the days….

Anyway, enough of me fangirling. The boys are back! They have announced that they will be playing a few shows, which I assumed were just reunion concerts. However, that might not be the case…cause they just announced a new single! It’s called Call It Like I See It, and is dropping December 17th. I about screamed when I saw this post. The teaser sounds fantastic, so I can’t wait to hear the whole song!