In an interview, Ryan Reynolds said that a certain pizza place in Manhattan thinks he’s Ben Affleck. Why do they still think this? Well, it’s probably because Ryan Reynolds never bothered to correct them, and it’s too late now! 

Remember Cash Cab, where you had the chance to win money if you just got in the right taxi? Well, now there’s a new game show – Cash At Your Door. American Pie star Jason Biggs shows up at people’s homes and invites them to answer trivia questions to win cash. He said that the show has led to people not understanding who he is and why he’s on their doorstep.

Kelly Clarkson has been going through a lot with her divorce from her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock. Recently, she just lost the fight to get him evicted from their Montana ranch. He’s been living there since the split, and it costs 81 thousand dollars to maintain. 

Even though her father, Jamie, has been removed from Brittney’s conservatorship, he still wants her to pay for his attorney. According to legal documents, he requests she pay for his $1,200 an-hour attorney!