Yesterday was a good day because Halsey dropped an extended version of her latest album If I Can’t Have Love I Want Power. The updated album includes two new songs – “Nightmare Reprise” and “People disappear here”.

Ed Sheeran said that the “Ginger Kids” episode from Season 9 of South Park ruined his life. While he was bullied for his hair in England his whole life, he said that people loved his hair in America. Once this episode came out, which is all about bullying people with red hair, he started to get picked on in America too. He recalled this moment, stating “I remember that episode coming out and that was just it worldwide for the rest of my life.”

After begging to get his family back together, it seems that Kanye West moved on fairly quickly. This past Saturday, he was spotted on a date with actress Julia Fox in Miami. An insider claims that it’s “nothing serious, but that he’s embracing single life.”

If you’ve seen the fourth season of Cobra Kia, you’ll know that Carrie Underwood makes a cameo! She turns up in episode nine, where she performs  “The Moment of Truth” from the original Karate Kid soundtrack during the 51st annual All-Valley Karate Championship. She said that “I grew up watching Daniel and Johnny, and I can’t believe I actually get to be a small part of the legacy that is The Karate Kid.”