Reports say that Kanye West is planning a trip either this spring or summer to head to Russia. He plans to travel to Moscow to do a Sunday Service, handle a few business endeavors, and meet up with Russian president Vladimir Putin. 

During Good Morning America today, Jamie Lynn Spears was in an interview to discuss her new personal memoir Things I Should Have Said. She got very emotional and broke down about the “complicated” rift between her and her older sister Britney. 

Demi Lovato has been changing up their looks lately. Not only did they get a new buzz cut, they got a spider tattoo on their head and a new industrial piercing. Shortly after shaving their head, Demi wiped their Instagram feed. The only photo you’ll find was from last week. 

Andrew Garfield almost was Prince Caspian in ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’. He auditioned for the role, but he ended up getting turned down. Variety reports that Garfield then asked his agent why he didn’t get the role. He said “She eventually just broke under my incessant nagging and she was like, ‘It’s because they don’t think you’re handsome enough, Andrew.’”