Even celebrities embarrass themselves. Finneas said on his Instagram story that his “most embarrassing moment” was at Taylor Swift’s birthday party last month. Instead of saying “thanks for inviting me,” he straight up said “thanks for coming.” To Taylor Swift. At her own party…

Charlie Puth opened up about how much he loves TikTok. He believes it’s a safe space for him to be himself. He said in an interview “I saw a kid who was crying because he didn’t get into Juilliard. I’m thinking to myself, I didn’t get into Juilliard either. I wonder if I should let them know that sometimes things end up the way that they’re supposed to like they did for me.” 

It seems that Olivia Rodrigo might be starting the new year off single. She unfollowed her rumored boyfriend Adam Faze’s Instagram accounts. Not only that, just a week ago he moved from L.A. to New York.

Chris Evans and Dwayne Johnson are going to star in a new movie together! They are going to star in Amazon Studios’ Red One, “an action-adventure comedy that imagines a new universe within the holiday genre.”