Kanye is in no rush to become legally single, but Kim definitely is. It seems Kanye will not sign the documents that would allow Kim to be legally single amid their ongoing divorce. Kim just wants to be single, but Kanye just won’t let her go. 

Taylor Swift was spotted out in public for the first time in three months this past weekend. She was seen enjoying a family outing in Brooklyn, NY. I’m surprised she has escaped the paparazzi for this long! 

It seems Shawn Mendes may have a new lady in his life. He was spotted in Hawaii in the midst of a beach ritual with a dark haired yogi. Images obtained by Page Six showed him possibly snorting something from a pip before grasping hands with his companion. The two later shared coffee at an outdoor café. 

DNCE is back! Joe Jonas posted on Instagram that he plans on making more music with his old band. He stated “My goal for the next few months is to get you up on your feet dancing and make you move. New music. New vibes. New flavors. New collaborations.”