Ed Sheeran just released a collaboration with Taylor Swift, and it seems he has ANOTHER ONE in the works. He announced he will be dropping his collaboration with Bring Me the Horizon, which will be a studio version of Bad Habits

After more than a year of limited touring due to COVID-19, Miley Cyrus is scared to be on stage again. It was reported that at the Bud Light Super Bowl Music Festival, “Standing up here right now, it doesn’t feel the same as if you would have come to see me three or four years ago. I’m just finding my feet along this platform again.” However, like she said, we are all in this together to find our “normal” again. 

So, it seems that Kanye West has broken up with his girlfriend of two months, Julia Fox. He is now back to begging for Kim Kardashian’s love back. So much so, he sent her a full truck of roses. Not to mention, he started a bunch of drama on Instagram over the past weekend. How romantic.

However, Kim Kardashian is trying to move on with her new boyfriend, Pete Davidson. Pete is trying to be mature about the situation, and stay away from Kanye West altogether. “He’s not afraid of him — he just doesn’t want to get involved in the divorce drama,” US Weekly wrote.