In a recent interview, Jennifer Lopez was talking about getting engaged! She said in the interview that she doesn’t want a public engagement, she feels that is something the couple should just share with each other. I guess her boyfriend, Ben Affleck, should be taking notes….

Speaking of love and weddings, Gwen Stefani shared never-before-seen footage of her wedding to Blake Shelton on Instagram. She shared the video of the couple with her youngest son  and was paired with Shelton’s song, “We Can Reach For The Stars,” which he wrote for his wife. How romantic!!! 

After disappearing for five years, Train is back! They plan to release their next album on May 20th, and the title track, “AM Gold,” was released this week as a single. Not only that, but they are planning a tour that is set to start in June! 

Wendy Williams posted on her Instagram account the other day to let everyone know she is feeling a lot better. While she has missed her show for a few months due to her ongoing health issues, she hopes that she will be back in tip top shape whenever she returns.