Beyoncé and Zendaya may be teaming up for a new project! It’s been rumored that they’re working on a remake of the 1934 film Imitation of Life. The project is allegedly in the early stages of development, but nothing has been confirmed. 

While Channing Tatum almost turned down the role for Magic Mike’s Last Dance, he did say he would love to do another sequel…when he’s 70. He joked that he wants to do a grumpy old man version of the movie, and that he would love to get the team back together when he is 70 for sure. 

Tom Holland has definitely been a busy boy lately. Not only is Spider-Man: No Way Home still making money at the box office, but his newest movie Uncharted made its way to the number one spot for the weekend. 

But with great fame…comes a great amount of work. Tom Holland  recently told a story in an interview about when he was working on the first Spiderman movie. To try and impress everyone on the set, he’d work through the whole day, never taking off the suit, with no breaks, not even for the bathroom. He told his mom about the situation. Two days later,  his producer asked him how his kidneys were, because his mom called the studio.