Have you ever wondered how much superstars make per show? Well, we at least now know what Cardi B makes. She revealed on Instagram she makes over $1 MILLION per show she performs. 

The Weeknd is working on a new musical special for Amazon. It’s called The Weeknd x The Dawn FM Experience, and it will provide visuals to the album’s “unnerving and moody world.” The special is going to hit Prime video on Feb. 26th. 

Machine Gun Kelly is getting dragged on the internet again, and while he’s done some… not great things in the past, this time it’s not even that bad. During the All-Star Game, he wore a sparkly rhinestone outfit and made a joke that broke the internet. He said  “All right look, I’m not a great basketball…OK, I’m not even a good basketball player, but I did steal all of the Infinity Stones from Thanos, so LeBron, if you need me, I can probably sink something from half-court while I’m wearing this tonight. Just let me know, I’ll be happy to step out.” People thought it was so corny, so much that some said it caused them “physical pain.” 

Billie Eilish does her best to keep her fans safe during her tour. The singer was performing at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Saturday when she encouraged fans to take a breather, asking fans near the stage to step back and give each other room. She also never apologized to Kanye West for her comments that possibly were pointed towards Travis Scott, so I’m curious to see if he goes to Coachella or not.