BTS just dropped some new merch in collaboration with HYBE at Nordstrom on Friday. It was a huge collection with 50 different pieces ranging from clothing to stickers. However, if you’re just now hearing about this, the collection could potentially be sold out already. It’s BTS afterall. 

First Brittney Spears made the leap to fight her conservatorship, and now Amanda Bynes is doing the same. She filed court documents to end her nine-year conservatorship. She is under conservatorship by her mother, but her parents support the end of it, since she has made significant progress in her mental health journey. 

When you order food and it’s never delivered, it can be really upsetting. However, Snoop Dogg was so upset, he could be facing a lawsuit because of it. He publicly put Uber Eats on blast for failing to deliver his order. The driver claims he didn’t deliver it because Snoop Dogg’s neighborhood did not seem safe.

This whole Kanye-Pete-Kim situation is getting out of hand. Kanye just filed legal documents claiming Kim can’t prove he wrote the now deleted social media posts bashing her parenting style and trashing Pete Davidson. It’s kind of ironic, because just this month Kanye said he was going to start taking accountability for what he posts online.