Ryan Reynolds seems to be a very confident, self-assured kind of guy, right? Well, apparently it’s all just an act. He recently said he is very insecure. 

Megan Thee Stallion is launching the first ever virtual reality concert tour! It’ll cover 10 cities between April and July. The way it’s going to work is you buy your tickets, go to a movie theater, put on VR headsets, and enjoy the show!

Speaking of Megan, Angus Cloud from Euphoria accidentally ate Megan Thee Stallion’s sandwich during Coach’s New York Fashion Week show. He said that he was walking around looking for snacks, and stumbled across her sandwich. He ate it, not realizing who it was for.

Remember the episode of The Office where Kevin makes his famous chili? Well, someone on TikTok found that there’s an actual recipe for it. Want to know where to find it? It’s hidden in Peacock’s terms and conditions.