Social media. I feel like everyone talks about how bad it can be for us, but no one takes it as seriously as they should. While it can be a great thing, let you connect with others, give you a good laugh, it’s got it’s downsides too.

Lately, I have been finding myself scrolling at every free moment I have. I don’t even think about it. Sometimes, I can scroll for hours, and not even tell you what I watched. It allows for my brain to just shut off. Sure, that can be relaxing sometimes. But I’ll be honest, it has gotten out of hand.

I loved the way user @tamarciment put it in a video I saw last week. She said we constantly find ourselves in this loop. We keep scrolling, thinking it’s making us happy, but it’s really just distracting us from our problems. We get to the point where anytime we feel remotely bad, we pick up our little device and stare at a rectangle until the feeling passes. A lot of us our guilty of this, and how could we not? It’s hard not to anymore, especially when we have access to it just about anywhere.

Sometimes we just need to force ourselves to take a break, and that’s what I am doing. I’m going to take a week off, and hopefully never get back to this point. Wish me luck!