Eminem has accomplished so much in his life, and now he is breaking records! It has been announced that   he has become the most-certified artist for singles in Recording Industry Association of America’s history. Eminem has now earned 227.5 million RIAA awards in his career — 166 million single certifications and 61.5 million album certifications. 

Kanye West’s art has become extremely bizarre and concerning lately. First there are his interesting performances, then his disturbing music video, and now he posted a poem on his Instagram called “Dead,” about how “no one wanted to tell me I was DEAD.” He said he won’t explain himself because it takes away from the mystery of the art. 

Tony Hawk is a skateboarding legend, but his career may come to a close. He broke his leg in a skateboarding accident on Monday, and it’s so bad that the 53-year-old may never get back to 100% again. However, he says he is “up for the challenge,” so hopefully he gets well soon!

Apple is entering the world of live sports coverage with Friday Night Baseball. Apple TV+ will carry a weekly doubleheader on Friday nights in 8 countries when the regular season begins. No Apple TV+ subscription? No problem! As of now you don’t need a subscription to watch the games.