Dua Lipa may be getting sued for her hit song Levitating, but there is some good news! The hit has officially become the longest charting song by a woman on the Hot 100. It’s been on the chart for 70 weeks.

If you haven’t heard yet, Discovery and WarnerMedia are merging. Once this deal closes, they announced that their streaming services – Discovery+ and HBO Max – will combine into one service rather than being bundled together.

Camila Cabello announced she is going to be performing her upcoming album Familia on TikTok! If you want to catch the performance, it’ll be April 7th at 7pm ET.

Encanto is a very magical movie for sure, but what is even more magical is somehow Stephanie Beatriz – who voices Mirabel – recorded her song, “Waiting on a Miracle,” for the movie while she was in labor with her first child. She recorded the song while secretly having contractions and delivered her daughter the next day. Beatriz said she crossed her fingers that she would finish the song before the baby came and didn’t tell anyone to avoid people freaking out.