Fans are shocked that Rachel Zegler was not invited to the Oscars, even though the film West Side Story is up for so many awards this year, and she is the leading actress. She went to Twitter to say she has tried everything to get invited, but it doesn’t look like it is going to happen. She said that she will root for the movie from her couch and be proud of the hard work they put into making this movie.

Speaking of the Oscars, Kanye West actually got uninvited from the Oscars, and was banned from performing at the award show. Many speculate that Trevor Noah had something to do with it, since Kanye West was banned from Instagram for a day due to the language he was using when calling out Trevor Noah, as he is the host this year. However, Trevor Noah apparently had nothing to do with this decision according to various sources.

Celebrities are not immune to the heartbreak and confusion that comes with a breakup. In a recent interview, Shawn Mendes said that he hates being on his own after splitting with his girlfriend Camila Cabello. He said that you don’t realize all the stuff that comes after it, and how you don’t know who to call when you’re on edge.

Justin Bieber opened up about his wife’s health last week during a concert that went dark due to a power outage. Hailey Bieber had a small blood clot in her brain and was hospitalized for it a couple of weeks ago. He told the crowd that Hailey is ok, doing good, and is home now, but the incident really scared him. As he put it, “Life randomly throws you curveballs. You know, we can’t really control much. It’s been really scary but I know for a fact that God has her in the palm of his hands.”