Amanda Bynes’ conservatorship has been terminated! After nine long years, a judge has officially ended the conservatorship, and even her parents supported the decision! She’s excited to start this new chapter of her life and to restart her relationship with her parents.

After the internet went crazy over the fact that Rachel Zegler wasn’t invited to the Oscars, now she is! Not only was she invited, but she will now be a presenter at the awards ceremony.

A trailer was just dropped for the upcoming film Where the Crawdads Sing. Not only that, a song by Taylor Swift was featured in it! She said the song Carolina was written by herself, all alone. We haven’t heard the full thing yet, but from the trailer I can tell the song is going to be good!

Olivia Rodgrigo is closing a chapter of her life with her Disney+ documentary, driving home 2 u. The documentary follows her taking a roadtrip to Salt Lake City, where it all began. She will make stops along the way to perform live arrangements of each song on the album and share memories about the songwriting process. It will be released on April 25th on Disney+.