It’s New Music Friday!!! Let’s dive right in and talk about the latest releases this week.

5SOS released the song Take My Hand to kick off their Take My Hand tour which starts today. It’s a pretty mellow song like Complete Mess. I’m curious if their next album will lean into this mellow vibe, but I guess we will just have to wait and see!

If you like Big Energy by Latto, you’re going to love the remix with DJ Kahild and Mariah Carey! I honestly like this remix more than I like the original.

Harry Styles just dropped the first single of his upcoming album, Harry’s House. The song is called As It Was. If you’ve ever heard the band Wallows, this single gives me the same vibes of their songs. It feels like his music matures with him. I can’t wait to hear his next album!

Shawn Mendes released a new song When You’re Gone, which is another break up song. Shawny, are you okay? His latest breakup song kick is probably due to the fact he just recently broke up with Camila Cabello. They are reportedly still friends, but any break up is hard. This one is more upbeat, and it’s one of my favorites from him.