Jojo Siwa is known for her long ponytail, and just about always wearing some sort of big, bright colored bow. However, she decided to chop it all off! She now had a pixie cut, and from her photos on Instagram, she seems really happy about her decision. 

Camila Cabello just released her latest album Familia, and in a recent interview, she said that she was in the worst mental state of her life when she started the album. She told that she feels “amazing” now, but at the time was suffering from “crippling anxiety.” She got professional help and encouraged others to do the same if needed.

Jennifer Lopez might be engaged! She was spotted out shopping with her daughter this past week, and photographers caught her wearing a diamond on her left ring finger. According to sources, she flipped the ring to hide the rock when she saw there were paparazzi present. Maybe she is engaged to Ben Affleck?

While we are not sure if Jennifer Lopez is engaged, we do know that Avril Lavigne is! She posted just yesterday that she is engaged to her longtime boyfriend Mod Sun. They actually got engaged in March during their trip to Paris, but they just announced the news today.