Ed Sheeran is taking some extreme measures after dealing with a copyright lawsuit. He is now recording all of his songwriting sessions, that way if something like this happens again, he has proof. He also said it has tainted the songwriting process, because now he will always be second guessing himself.

Jack Harlow is doing well for himself, considering his latest single, First Class, has become the fastest selling single of the year. Pop Crave reported Sunday that First Class has already sold over 100,000 units in the US becoming the fastest selling single of 2022.

The rumors are true! Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are engaged for a second time! Last week, Jennifer Lopez was spotted out and about wearing a diamond ring on her left ring finger, which caused the whole world to ask if she is engaged. In her On the JLo newsletter, she announced the engagement, and showed off her green diamond engagement ring. 

While Will Smith slapped Chris Rock in the face, The Academy Awards have slapped him with a pretty big punishment. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has banned Will Smith from attending all Academy events, including the Academy Awards, for 10 years. Will Smith didn’t have much to say about the decision right now, other than he accepts and respects it.