Post Malone is going to be dropping his next album! The studio album, Twelve Caret Toothache is already finished and will contain 45 minutes of new music. There is no official release date, but it should drop sometime next month. 

Have you ever accidentally hit something with your car? Well, celebrities are not immune to this kind of embarrassing accident. Ben Affleck managed to get a chalkboard stuck in his back rim while making a tricky turn into a Starbucks drive-thru. However, the paparazzi came to the rescue! Video shared by TMZ shows one photographer pulling the sign out of the wheel while another guides him as he completes his turn.

If you haven’t heard, Camila Cabello’s latest album Familia is out, and it’s so good! She was on the Today Show the other day, and she was asked what she wanted to achieve with this album. She said “Better mental health. I really just wanted to be free. I wanted to feel joy in the studio, I wanted to be as transparent as possible..”

Rihanna recently opened up about her pregnancy and relationship with A$AP Rocky. Rihanna said that she had A$AP in the friend zone for a long time until they went on a road trip from Los Angeles to New York and got to know each other better, and the couple got closer during the pandemic. She said her pregnancy wasn’t planned, but she is happy about it and feels that everyone deserves to show off such a special part of their lives.