I know I have been talking about this for weeks, but if you haven’t watched The Ultimatum on Netflix yet, YOU NEED TO!!!

The show synopsis is “Nick and Vanessa Lachey encourage couples to put their love to the test while having encounters with other potential matches.” However, the show is so much more than that! Basically, couples come on the show, one wants to be married and the other is…well, not too sure. The couples mingle, and after one week, have to pick a different partner from the other couples to be “married” to for three weeks. After the three weeks, they go back to their original partner. After another three weeks, they have to either get engaged or say goodbye.

I think the thing I liked most about this show is that it is different than other Netflix shows. While the idea of it sounds wild and crazy, the hosts try to make sure the couples are there for the right reason: to grow. The whole point is for the couples to truly think about what they want, see the faults in their relationships and in themselves, and ultimately make a decision about their future. Are a lot of the relationships in this show toxic? Yes. Am I excited for a second season? Also yes. From breakups to surprise engagements, this show has it all!