If you are not going to get a chance to see Harry Styles’ One Night Only In New York performance at UBS Arena at Belmont Park this Friday, no problem! It’s going to be available to stream exclusively on Apple Music. 

Lana Del Rey is using a new method to create her next album – meditative automatic singing. She said that this practice basically is where she sings whatever comes to mind. She said the next album is going to be angry, wordy, and the songs will be very conversational.

After being slapped by Will Smith, Chris Rock might be making his way up in the world. ABC’s President of Entertainment said he is open to Chris Rock hosting the Oscars next year. Nothing is confirmed as of now. 

Sydney Sweeney is being sued! Apparently, she signed on to be an influencer for the brand LA Collective. However, according to court documents, she flaked out on the deal last minute with no explanation. LA Collective also accused Sweeney of wearing the swimsuits on at least five episodes of Euphoria.