If you loved Sam Smith’s latest single Love Me More, then you are going to love to hear that there is an acoustic version of the song out now! The song was released Friday, and Sam Smith said they wrote this song “for anyone who feels different, anyone who has to stop themselves every day from saying unkind things to themselves, in their head, all the time.”

Speaking of music, apparently, Halsey isn’t allowed to release her music! Not until she is trending on TikTok at least. The artist posted a video on TikTok teasing the song “So Good,” and the captions read that her record company won’t let her release it until she makes a viral TikTok moment out of it. You could tell she wasn’t too happy about the whole ordeal. 

Having just one wedding is stressful enough, but what about three? Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker got married again this past Sunday in Italy. Maybe this will be their last wedding, but who knows. Third time’s a charm I guess, right? 

Olivia Rodrigo celebrates her one year anniversary of her debut album Sour! It’s crazy to think this album came out one year ago already. If you want to celebrate, she is dropping some new Sour merch on her website,  including three new vinyl colors on May 27th.