The Jonas Brothers are working on new music! Nick Jonas spilled the tea during his interview with Kelly Clarkson and said that this music is some of his favorite stuff they have ever worked on. It will feature some collaborators, but sadly he didn’t give any names away.

Speaking of new music, Blackpink is back! In their interview with Rolling Stone, the K-pop group said they are in preparation mode to make their return. Not only does it include new music, but a big tour as well!

Apparently there are chances for a Grey’s Anatomy spinoff to be created called “Japril.” Stars from the show, Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew said they are very interested and they have talked “at length” about the idea. 

The finale of The Ellen Degeneres Show aired last night, and Jennifer Aniston opened up about her divorce on the show. She joked about it, saying  “Well, I got a divorce and went into therapy. And then I did a movie called The Break-Up. I just kind of leaned into the end.”